player_evals_team_edition-2048 is an online platform that allows coaches to fill out and send evaluations to athletes and their parents.

PlayerEvals: Team Edition

We developed PlayerEvals Team Edition to give coaches, players, and their parents a higher level of communication.

A monthly evaluation from the coaching staff will keep an athlete focused on what they are doing right, what they need to work on, and where they stand.

We  encourage our coaches for PlayerEvals Team Edition to combine face-to-face meeting with our evaluations. When an athlete receives their online evaluation, they are able to process it. Then, the face-to-face meeting is much more productive.

If you coach younger athletes, we always suggest including the parents in your player/coach communication. Including them helps to decrease those dreaded conversations where a coach is cornered by an unhappy parent.


Let's take a look at the platform...

Evaluation Sets

This is your homebase where you can Add New Sets, Import Players, or Search for an existing evaluation set.

As you can see from the image, you are shown key data for each set of evaluations.

Click on a group to go to the Roster.

Roster Page

Players will appear in the list, instructors can click the athlete’s name to bring up his/her evaluation form. Colored backgrounds for each player correspond to the status of their evaluation:

Green: filled out and sent.

Yellow: filled out but not sent.

White: not filled out or sent.

Evaluation Form

This example shows an abbreviated evaluation.

They are easy to fill out and keep coaches moving fast.

Types of inputs are:

1. Rating (1-5 stars)
2. Numerical (input box, must be numbers)
3. Short Text (for any short answer datapoint)
4. Long Text (comments and coaching directions)

Evaluation Form

*Phone/Tablet View

PlayerEvals was designed to work on mobile devices so coaches can fill out evaluations as close to the event as possible.

Our goal is to make coaches’ lives easier.


Email Evaluations

A professional looking email evaluation is sent to your athletes and/or their parents.

You brand the evaluation with your own colors and logo.

Email Evaluations: Custom Footer

Each of our evaluations has a custom footer section.

Many of our clients use this as a location to offer deals on merchandise and remind parents of upcoming events.


Email Evaluations: Mobile Friendly

We know that your customers will most likely open your evaluation on their mobile device, so our evaluations are designed to look great on phones and tablets. is a tool with no learning curve. We can help any organization communicate better with it’s players and parents. When building our main focus was to make the software completely turnkey for organization owners.

Our customers have sent evaluations to over 35k athletes and they boast about how great is for their organization client feedback ).

Now, go sign up for our 1 month free trial:

Summary and Next Steps